Science, Technology & Society at Bar-Ilan University

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Science, Technology & Society (27815) | Dr. Noah Efron

 As a core course of the STS program, this seminar introduces students to major theoretical developments and trends in the interdisciplinary field that goes variously by the names of science studies; the social studies of science; science and technology studies; science, technology, and society; or simply STS. The seminar begins by considering the theories of some of the foundational scholars of the field (e.g., Kuhn, Fleck, and Merton, on the one hand, McLuhan on the other). It then considers the myriad (and sometimes conflicting) directions in which the field has developed over the past decades, including: laboratory studies, sociology of scientific knowledge, Social Construction of Technology, actor-network theory, feminist approaches in STS, STS and race, Triple Helix or Mode 2 Science, Action STS.