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Understanding Technology: An Advanced Introduction (27818) | Dr. Yuval Dror

 William F. Ogburn wrote: "Technology is like a great mountain peak. It looks different according to the side from which one views it. From one vantage point only a small part may be seen, from another the outlook is clouded; yet we may get a clear view fro still another side. Few of us see it from all its sides; so each of us is likely to have a very limited conception of its nature. It is desirable, the, to look at technology from various points of view". This seminar picks up Ogburn's gauntlet. During this seminar we will introduce several of the main technological issues raised by different philosophers, historians and sociologists of technology, from Aristotle to Heidegger, by reading and analyzing their canonical texts. We will examine theories and texts that reveal the unique connection between technology and society as well as the ways in which societies confront moral, cultural and economical challenges that technologies put in front of their doorsteps.