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Intellectual Foundations of Sociology of Science (27888) | Dr. Anat Leibler

 This class focuses on introductory topics of the interdisciplinary field “Science Studies” and deals with the following questions: In what ways has classical sociological attention to the study of knowledge, culture, politics, and social order prompted or informed sociological scrutiny of modern science and technology? What have been the dominant approaches to the sociological study of STS? How have different schools developed, what sorts of sociological questions do they ask, what theories do they present, and what analytical tools do they offer? In which ways are present-day studies of STS consistent with, and in which ways are they in tension with, other ways of understanding knowledge, culture, and politics, that are employed within sociology today? Readings review main topics in STS: deconstructing scientific knowledge; the scientific fact as the object of science studies; local versus universal knowledge; science as practice and culture; science and politics.